Fraud Cases

Have you been defrauded by an individual, group, or business?

Are you struggling to recover a judgment because the debtor has transferred their assets to someone else? Beaumont Paralegal can provide you with the necessary legal assistance. I specialize in civil fraud cases and can help you navigate the complexities of such matters.

Civil Fraud vs. Criminal Fraud

In civil fraud cases, the burden of proof is based on the balance of probabilities, while criminal fraud cases require proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Often, an action can occur simultaneously in both civil and criminal courts, addressing the same act(s).

Criminal Fraud

When someone is charged with fraud in a criminal case, there are no legal fees associated with the criminal process, as the prosecutor is paid by the government. However, restitution orders may not always be granted or enforced. 

Advantages of Civil Fraud Cases

In civil fraud cases, the burden of proof is lower, making it easier to establish liability.


Carefully consider the long-term interests of the client when deciding whether to allege fraud or not.


Fraud can occur in various contexts, including accounting, business, construction, employee, family (particularly against elders), financial advising, forgery, fraudulent conveyances, investment, invoice, loan, officer and director, real estate, tax, and timeshare fraud. It is a pervasive issue that affects individuals and businesses across different sectors.

Fraudulent Conveyance

A fraudulent conveyance occurs when assets are transferred to another party or entity to evade creditors or legal obligations. Proving a fraudulent conveyance often requires demonstrating a "badge of fraud" and an intent to deceive creditors.

Responding to Fraudulent Conveyance Disputes

Caution must be exercised to avoid filing false or unfounded certificates, which can lead to liability for significant damages.

Handling Fraud Cases

Tailored legal strategies can be provided to assist in recovering your money.

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